Urban Property Group

The Urban Property is a group of experienced developers with extensive background in developing and investing in the real estate in Thailand. Originally established in Pattaya, The Urban Property has expand its investment and development in Bangkok and Samutprakran as well.

The Urban property strives to develop high quality properties on prime locations at affordable price. With the focus on cutting edge functional and architectural design and the utilizing of high quality materials, we make it possible to provide the luxurious of urban living and responsive solutions for the modern lifestyle. Our developments are unique, well planned and equipped with state of the art facilities, and simply a masterpiece in theirs own rights.

The Urban property has numerous proven track record of successful residential projects, such as, The URBAN PATTAYA condominiumthe GALLERY JOMTIEN condominiumACQUA condominiumSP townhome and 66 condominium.

From the URBAN property’s profile and commitment together with strong teamwork and collaboration, homebuyers and investors can rest assured that their investment in our quality projects will create endless possibilities for artful living for you and the next generation to come. URBAN PROPERTY “Redefining Designed Living”

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