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Buying A Property
Thousands of expats have moved to Pattaya over the years. Thailand is one of the more organised South East Asia countries when it comes to the possibility of living abroad and purchasing a home. Much of this is due to the constant flow of westerners into the country since the 1960’s. It is possible to stay here on a work permit, a retirement visa and several other visas.
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Selling A Property
For whatever reason, at some point during your stay you may well decide to sell your home. It could be for financial reasons, or because you are upsizing or downsizing, moving to a different part of Thailand, the list goes on. Whatever the reason you will need an agent.
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Renting A Property
You arrive in Pattaya and decide that you want to stay long term. Staying at hotels is of course very expensive and there are massive discounts if you are prepared to sign a contract for a long term stay. Landlords here in Pattaya want a 6 month commitment, hopefully 12 months. Most of the time landlords are not interested in a tenant who only wants to stay for 3 months.
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Options For Owning
Foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand by law, so this means that a house or land plot title deed cannot show the foreigner’s name on it at all. It is possible however for a foreigner to own a condominium title deed outright in their foreign name as a freehold ownership.
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