This long stretch of beachfront was known as the quieter part of Pattaya City, and a “getaway” for many who yearned for a more laid back pace of life! Whilst it still is quieter than Pattaya City, the transport links to the city (via Songtaew/Baht Bus, motorbike, or taxi) still make it a very convenient option should you decide you want to go shopping in Pattaya, or to appreciate the upbeat fun and games of the vibrant hotspots of Pattaya City.

In recent years, Jomtien has seen significant developments, with a vast array of condominiums, luxury housing villages and hotels throughout the area, plus infrastructure upgrades which will allow Jomtien to expand and grow as Pattaya has done.

The Northern end of the beach is by far the busier end, and it is the “oldest” part of the beach. Many of the condominiums are over 20 years old. This Northern part of the beach is much wider than the Southern end. It boasts a palm tree-lined promenade, with specific areas reserved for sponsored sporting events such as beach volleyball, beach soccer and wind sailing. Many of these draw huge crowds and most of them get televised internationally. The most famous is the Jet Ski World Cup event held every year along the beach.

The Southern end of the beach narrows until it disappears completely, being replaced by waterfront condominiums, hotels and restaurants.

Along the Jomtien coastline are many high-rise condominium towers popular with Bangkok residents looking for a holiday property. There is also a large retired expat community appreciating the beachfront lifestyle.

Many of the best rated restaurants from the Trip Advisor website are nestled in the Jomtien area with Café Des Amis, Bruno’s, Indian By Nature, Laong’s and Maggs restaurant to name but a few.

To keep you occupied throughout the day there are plenty of fun activities to try. For the thrill seekers there is an activity park, not too far from the beach, where there are adrenalin sports such as bungy jumping, an Angry Birds slingshot, Paintball and Go Kart racing. A little further back is the cultural Floating Market with its small waterside jetties, Thai food and souvenir shops. Close by is an Elephant park where you get the chance to stand aside these amazing animals. Opposite this location is Underwater World which gives you a unique opportunity to see some of the incredible sea life found throughout Thailand. The shark and ray feeding area always draws the largest crowds, and the otter tank is also a very popular event.

When you want to lay back and rejuvenate after all the madness the city has to offer, you can totally unwind at a number of favored saunas & spas in the area. Many offer traditional treatment packages ranging from simple 1 – 2 hour massage to ½ or full day complete mind and body experiences.

And the evening can be rounded off in one of the best restaurants around, or whiled away in one of the many relaxed bars overlooking the promenade.

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Picture of 4 bedroom House in Jomtien Park Villas Jomtien

Jomtien Park Villas

Rented Until 20 Dec 2022 (4 Months 4 Days)
Sale $1,602,351.00
Rent $6,008.82
  • Beds: 4
  • Baths: 5
  • Living Area: 400 Sq.m
  • Land Size: 388 Sq.wah
  • Pool: Private Pool
  • Ownership: Company Name
Picture of 1495 sqw Land Plot in Jomtien
Sale $3,164,643.23
  • Land Size: 1,495 Sq.wah
  • Ownership: Thai Name
Picture of Land for sale close to Jomtien Beach.
Sale $3,293,832.78
  • Land Size: 1,495 Sq.wah
  • Ownership: Thai Name